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webAISCE Software

Health Information Technology for Behavioral Health Care Providers

What sets webAISCE™ apart is that it was developed in full and active collaboration with behavioral health care providers on the frontline of service delivery. Our developers started by asking those providers—including office- and community-based staff—what they wanted and needed from an IT system. That approach has been the foundation of all development and continuous improvement of the webAISCE system, a program that has been fully operational since 2002. The demonstrated results have surpassed expectations and earned the recognition of independent reviewers who have noted exceptional performance on measures such as rapid turnaround time for receivables, effective use of mobile technology options, and other crucial indicators of functionality and performance.

Expect Results from webAISCE

- Optimizes work flow management for behavioral health care providers

- Designed to flag errors before they get entered

- Demonstrated payment rate of 95%+ on submitted claims

- Fully-enabled mobile solution for providers

- Increase staff productivity, employee performance and satisfaction

- Capability to seamlessly link with other health care providers

Tailored specifically for the needs of behavioral health providers, webAISCE exceeds the capabilities of others products. It is a ready-to-go solution that is compatible with regulatory requirements, including:

- Full compliance with all state, federal, and HIPPA regulations

- Full compliance with industry standards, including HL7 compliance