With One Powerful EHR Solution

Managing your behavioral health practice just got easier...


A Proven, Ready-to-Implement Solution for Behavioral Health Care Providers

An easy-to-navigate application, webAISCE brings together all the elements of behavioral health practice management, from provision and tracking of clinical services to rapid and direct connectivity between operational functions (intake, scheduling, billing, managerial oversight, treatment activity, and documentation consistent with best-practices guidelines).

Tailored specifically for the needs of behavioral health providers, webAISCE exceeds the capabilities of others products. It is a ready-to-go solution that is compatible with regulatory requirements, including:

- Full compliance with all state, federal, and HIPPA regulations

- Full compliance with industry standards, including HL7 compliance

The intuitive design of webAISCE means quicker implementation and reduced training time, so that your organization can be up and running faster, without additional and costly customization. The webAISCE system offers the best return on technology investment at the lowest price point. It provides an immediate and long-term solution for behavioral health information management needs.

The system is user-friendly and well-received by staff who are able to do their jobs more effectively and with greater ease. Dynamic reporting allows the flexibility to generate reports without reliance on IT support staff. Other functionality includes the capability of the EHR to link information between behavioral health and primary medical care providers consistent with the best-practice goals of a fully integrated health delivery system.

For organizations interested in expanding their IT solutions to include other operational functions, the webAISCE system has been integrated with best-of-market products, including:

- Document imaging, management, and storage

- Pharmacy and e-prescribing

- Financial and billing services

- Payor confirmation

- Payroll management

- IP telephone systems

The webAISCE system is designed to be fully aligned with the mission of behavioral health care provision. The webAISCE philosophy is grounded in the belief that IT solutions are tools for providing better care.